Crafting Correctness

Mission Statement

The Lambda Cartel is an open source software organization that aims to promote and demystify functional programming. Our goal is to build software libraries and applications that increase the usage of functional patterns in the software industry.

We are a team of highly motivated and experienced software engineers who care deeply about craftsmanship. As part of our efforts, we are documenting our experiences for others to learn. You may follow our progress by clicking any of links above or by subscribing to our podcast.


Scott Nimrod

Scott Nimrod is fascinated with software craftsmanship. He has been practicing software development since 2003. He’s a thriving entrepreneur, software consultant, and he blogs. He focuses on native application development and Test Automation. He was born and raised on the mean streets of Cleveland, Ohio and currently resides in Miami Beach, Florida. His blog can be found at here.

Pablo Rivera

Pablo Juan Rivera is an experienced software engineer with an eye for the business side of technology. He focuses on web, API, and mobile development. Some of the technologies he works with are Python, Django, Flask, Javascript, and Android. Pablo actively blogs on his personal website about his experiences crafting software. You can reach him at for any software development needs you may have.

Adam Wright

Adam is a .NET Software Developer from the state of Kansas in the United States who enjoys writing code in any language and has a passion for F# and functional programming. He publishes technical articles for C# developers who want to dive into F# in his website called F# for C# developers.

Ody Mbegbu

Ody Mebegbu is a software developer based in Lagos Nigeria. He is primarily a .NET Developer with a strong passion for F# He also has knowledge of Ruby, NodeJS, Java(Android) and Web Technologies. He has been developing software since 2003. He currently works at Cyberspace and is responsible for Laffwella, Surfwella and Naijawella. His blog can be found here.

Mitchell Tilbrook

Mitchell Tilbrook is a freelance mobile developer focused on Android and React-Native development in Sydney Australia. Mitchell has developed mobile apps for both native iOS, Android, Xamarin, and React. Mithcell is an organizer for F# Sydney, Kotlin Sydney, and Xamarin meetups. Mitchell is also helping bring Sydney's tech scene to the world by recording and uploads amazing talks for Android, React Native, Alt.NET, SydJs and other local meetups to the ANZ Coders youtube channel. His favorite paradigm is functional.